World is growing rapidly. Technology is the key for success. Be it an individual or national growth, one must be aware of technology trends happening in the world. Academic culture is fixed with the set of books and set of experiments. Students have to follow the schedules and subjects in the fixed semester/annual patterns throughout the year. This is highly needed as it forms the base of knowledge on which students can plan for career. But, there is a high necessity to know what is happening around modern world of technology. Such happening are mainly occurred in the form of implementation in the Industry and Research & Development Centres across the globe. Academic people, especially students must be aware of this, as they are the future technology leaders of our society.

Tantradarshan helps you to meet the industry and professionals who are working with highest professional standards.Tantradarshan provides you an opportunity to explore the insights of technology of all streams. Currently, we provide opportunity for Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer/IT, Civil, Nano Technology and many more to come in future.

Exploration through Industry visit helps you

  • To know cutting edge technology

  • Meet with Industry professionals

  • Bridging gap between Academic and Industry

  • Options to choose correct career path

  • Growing technology market analysis

  • Enhances knowledge and research oriented thinking

  • Opportunity to get Internship or project work in Industry

Tantradarshan provides you appropriate solutions for Industry visit through:

  • End-to-end safe, luxurious transport system

  • 3-Star and above Accommodation

  • Healthy and Hygienic Meals

  • Clean and filtered Drinking Water

  • Safari to nearest Tourist Spots

  • 24*7 Security @ Accommodation Point

  • First-aid available throughout the Journey

  • Proper facilities for Girl Students

And all this at affordable price !!!

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